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Soma Physical Training

Soma Physical Wellness focuses on helping people relieve chronic pain, and increase their physical awareness, strength, and flexibility. We do this through the use of extra precise postural and segmental exercise.
We offer classes in ELDOA, myofascial stretching, and targeted segmental strength training. Our classes are centered around extra precise and intentional movement. Applying these principles to each of our classes allows our clients to derive the most benefits from their training. It is our belief that everyone can increase their quality of life by increasing their quality of movement.

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The Annual Houston Humanitarian Awards

Houstonians have big hearts! The best example is exemplified at the Annual Humanitarian Awards gala! The Annual Houston Humanitarian Awards honors an individual or individuals for their efforts to make the City of Houston a better place to live by action, philanthropy, volunteerism or involvement. In recognition of our Honorees, Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner acknowledges the honorees with a letter of recognition from the city of Houston. The formal gala is hosted by Fox’s Isiah Carey and Author/Philanthropist Theresa Roemer. The Humanitarian Award is considered one of the top honors bestowed by Houston’s council members, volunteers, philanthropists and organizations.

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2A-T Services

We are a local family owned and operated waste removal business, priding ourselves on remaining reliable, affordable, flexible and professional. We strive to provide our residential and commercial customers with excellent service, making sure your project is done on time, safely and that all waste is removed and disposed of legally.
Whether you are in need of a permanent or temporary small dumpster such as a 10 yard or the biggest, a 40 yard dumpster, we have what you are looking for. We look forward to working with you.

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Got Dirty Blinds?

Got Dirty Blinds started in 2014 after I noticed how dirty my blinds were, every slat was coated with a layer of sticky grime that was impossible to clean with traditional cleaning methods, replacing perfectly good blinds was out of the question not just because of the financial expense but also because of the expense to our environment since most window coverings are non-recyclable. I realized that there was an opportunity to bring a new service to the market, and with a little bit of savings and my tax refund, I bought my first ultrasonic blind cleaning truck.  I met Prasad Menon when I pitched my idea to a panel of mentors, this was such a new concept but from the very beginning Prasad became a business mentor and great supporter of my dream. Bayou Micro Fund helped me get two loans for $15,000 through, with this money, I was able to hire a graphic designer to custom wrap the cleaning truck. The impact the loan had on the business is immeasurable, it took us from anonymity to looking like a well established reputable company. Business is been good but not easy, one thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible support from Bayou Microfund.

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270 Lashes & Brows

I am Mamta aka Mimi. Having been trained in New York, Miami and Houston, I am lucky enough to serve my valued customers for last 11 years in the beauty industry. I have been attributed with abundant experience in this walk of life. Today my expertise in this field excels in eyelash extension beyond waxing, threading, tinting and lash-lifting. I am passionate about giving my customers the very best results they want with high quality products that are safe yet affordable.

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JusDesign is a Graphic Design firm that focuses on providing design and production in a wide range of disciplines. We enjoy the challenges offered with every creative opportunity and enrich our clients through effective visual solutions.
With our creativity, technical knowledge and top notch customer services, JusDesign produces identity programs for corporate and institutional marketing purposes, including logos, posters, brochures, indoor/outdoor signage, annual reports, illustration and much more. We also develop web sites and video graphics in the area of interactive graphics.

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At the tender age of 8 years old, our pastry chef Heather Davis began a tradition that would one day become a passion. Heather’s love of creating sweet treats was birthed from baking holiday cookies with her mother.  Although the native Houstonian initially took a traditional career path to become a teacher, she continued to develop her craft as a baker. Though Heather would often bring her fresh baked goods to her school just for the love of baking, her fellow teachers started placing orders, and encouraged her to sell them.  So in 2011 she made the life-changing decision to launch a bakery, Chic Sweets Fine Desserts.

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Dandelion Café

Socially Responsible Coffee

Dandelion Café proudly serves coffee from Greenway Coffee and Amaya Coffee. These are companies that truly care about the supply chain from the soil the coffee is grown in to the moment we serve it to you. The quality of their product and the value they put on the relationships that they have with their partners is something that Dandelion Café is honored to support.

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