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    Bayou MicroFund

    Bayou Micro Fund is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

  • Women Entrepreneur

    Emergency Fund

    For almost 10 years, Bayou Microfund has been helping entrepreneurs overcome unique challenges...

  • Our Vision

    Energize the community to get connected with micro-entrepreneurs by supporting and lending, thus creating a virtuous circle of giving.

  • Our Mission

    To incubate micro-entrepreneurs by providing interest-free loans and mentoring.

A Kiva Hub in Houston

Bayou Microfund is a Kiva Trustee and host of the Kiva Houston Hub. Along with our own microlending programs, we help entrepreneurs navigate Kiva’s application, fundraising and repayment process. To date, all our programs have helped more than 75 small business entrepreneurs access over $625,000 in capital to grow their businesses, create sources of employment and improve their quality life.

We take great pride in creating greater opportunities for all communities.

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