• Welcome to

    Bayou MicroFund

    Bayou Micro Fund is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

  • Women Entrepreneur

    Emergency Fund

    For almost 10 years, Bayou Microfund has been helping entrepreneurs overcome unique challenges...

  • Resiliency Program

    Lasting and sustainable economic growth is one of our main objectives.

  • Our Vision

    Energize the community to get connected with micro-entrepreneurs by supporting and lending, thus creating a virtuous circle of giving.

  • Our Mission

    To incubate micro-entrepreneurs by providing interest-free loans and mentoring.

A New Kiva Hub In Houston

Bayou Microfund is a Kiva Trustee and the caretaker of the Kiva Houston Hub. Along with our own microlending programs, we help entrepreneurs navigate Kiva’s application, fundraising and repayment process.

Click Here for a List of Kiva Entrepreneurs Now Fundraising