That Seed Is Now A Tree

In March 2014, Bayou Micro Fund was registered in Texas and was granted 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization status by the IRS guided by Board Members: Jeff Reichman of January Advisors, Peter Workin, Attorney at Law and Prasad Menon, Founder.

At first, we had no idea how to go about it. With a few loans and by trial and error, we found our way forward. The Amazing Thing we learned was that the loan was not the only big factor, but also the fact that we believed in that entrepreneur. 

We kept on growing steadily over a period of time, and in 2021, Kiva offered us the opportunity to be a Kiva Hub in Houston. We are now scaling by factor of 10 times!

We are now expanding our Board and have Pat Robertson replacing Jeff Reichman. Bonna Kol has also joined the board. We are now actively looking to add more Board Members and building up a team. Rachel Greene is heading up the Kiva Houston Hub project.

That seed that was Bayou Micro Fund, is now a tree, providing shade and support to hopefully Hundreds of Entrepreneurs!