Once Upon a Praline Reaches Funding Goal on Kiva Zip

Lynn Kelly and Once Upon a Praline have been fully funded on Kiva Zip! Here’s a note that Lynn shared with her lenders:

From the bottom of my heart…I want to say thank you for each and every loan you extended to Once Upon a PralineĀ®, LLC. When my Trustee approached me, I didn’t know how this would all pan out, if people would REALLY loan money to a stranger in Missouri City who simply had this little “Praline Dream” of touching the world with her sweet treats, one bite at a time. Well, y’all proved this Southern gal wrong and I am so incredibly thankful! Bayou Microfund, thanks for believing in me, my products and my business model and to my lenders for lending and in some cases, re-lending and triple lending! A few things I can guarantee: You WILL get your money back šŸ™‚ and we will utilize the funding to take Once Upon a PralineĀ® to the next level. Thanks for being a part of our journey. If we can ever make any sweet treats for you, create special packaging for your business and/ or special event, please contact us atĀ A cart is being added to our website soon for convenience in ordering but for now, we are happy to take your order via our website.

Lynn…”Every Bite Tells a Sweet Story”

Thanks everyone for your support and we’re so excited to see where Once Upon a Praline goes next!