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Client Spotlight – Ronnie Blaine, Uber Driver

With all the business success we hear about in microfinance, it can be easy to forget that people’s livelihoods and personal successes are ultimate goals of economic development. Ronnie’s story reminds us of this, as we can see how the Bayou Microfund helped bring his business—and his dreams—back to life.

Bayou Microfund founder Prasad Menon first met Ronnie in 2013 when, as an Uber driver, Ronnie responded to Prasad’s request for a ride. It just so happened that Ronnie was at a vulnerable point in his career. He had just returned from Los Angeles where he explored professional acting and writing, and, following a draining divorce, Ronnie was using Uber as a primary source of income. To make matters worse, Ronnie’s car was about to fall out of compliance with Uber’s driver standards.

After their first meeting, Prasad committed to helping Ronnie find his footing again and rekindle his thespian aspirations. Ronnie remembers that as a driver, he’d met many people who talked a big talk, but rarely followed through. Prasad, however, followed up with Ronnie shortly thereafter and encouraged him to seek auditions in local theaters. Meanwhile, the Bayou Microfund funded a business loan to help Ronnie buy a new car and keep his income stream alive.

Now, almost three years later, Ronnie has blazed a trail of success through the Houston acting and writing community. He works as a teacher in the Houston ISD, as well as at area theater schools. He is called on to write for major theater and community productions, and will see one of his pieces brought to life next month on stage. We are overjoyed to see that our loan has allowed him the freedom to pursue his passion, and look forward to helping others do the same.
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