Client Spotlight: Sweet Luxuries Bakery

Loan amount: $5,000

Location: 2612 Scott Street Houston, Texas 77004


Phone: 832-413-1625

You might not believe it, but the lemon bars, cakes, and other Sweet Luxuries treats featured in cafés and stores around Houston weren’t just made that morning—they’ve been in the works for almost 15 years.

It was back in 2001 when, having fond memories of the time her and her mother had spent baking together, Heather first wrote up her idea for bringing quality baked goods to the Houston market. Her vision: Sweet Luxuries, a bakery bringing people pastries made with the same attention and love that went into the ones she made growing up.

It wasn’t until 2011 that Heather made the leap from teaching to baking, and she made sure she’d land on her feet. Seeking out mentors through SCORE, taking courses from the University of Houston—she surrounded herself with partners and resources that would make her that much more successful.

One of those partners was the Bayou Microfund, which first met Heather in 2013 at a networking event. Confident in Heather’s product, approach, and attitude, BMF was quick to secure her the funds needed to access better equipment, more space, and more retail and catering opportunities.

Now, headquartered in the Library Café, Sweet Luxuries has grown in both reputation and sales, and in May, Heather will make the final payment on her BMF loan.

—reach out to us at or call 832-680-0977, and together we can write the next success story.

Andy Meyer – Bayou Microfund Staff

pecanpraline Sweet Lux Cake Cookie

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